Your partner in light, vision, sound, energy and rigging

Mansveld Expotech
lets your customers experience technology as they have never experienced it before. We advise on, design and hire out all types of technical facilities for the Live Communications industry, for exhibitions, conferences, and indoor and outdoor events. But we can also help you to offer your customers that little bit extra for meetings and key presentations. You can approach us for anything. Whether it is developing and implementing total concepts or hiring a single item, Mansveld Expotech will find a tailored solution for you and your customer.

Just think what the right combination of light, vision, sound, temporary energy provision, rigging and ICT could mean for the synergy between your organisation and your customers. Mansveld Expotech can get the most out of your product/service briefing or company presentation with the right combination of technologies. We create an environment that will allow you to present your message to customers clearly and unambiguously, which will distinguish you from the competition and which will help you convince the customer.

Stimulation of the senses by a fine interplay of light, vision and sound — that is what Mansveld Expotech offers you and your customers with its perfect blend of technologies. Light to give a tangible atmosphere, to make your point or to lend beauty to the occasion. Vision — as every human being is visual by nature — to illustrate or entertain. Sound in a supporting role, to inform or for the fun of it. Temporary energy provision, rigging and ICT to set up the whole show properly.

To ensure that we can offer you and your customers the very best and the newest of the new, our range is continuously being supplemented with the most innovative products and the newest, unique and most original technology.